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10 Secret Mantras of a Healthy Lifestyle #lifestyle

10 Secret Mantras of a Healthy Lifestyle 

Dr Dindayal Swain

  1. Eat Healthy Food with Low Fats &Lot of Fruits 
  2. Inculcate the Habit of Regular Exercise & Enjoy Biological Life
  3. Find Out Ways to Relax 
  4. Have a 7 Hour Sound Sleep
  5. Schedule 5 Minutes Yoga for Your Mind
  6. Mind Your Own Business
  7. Love People the Way They Are 
  8. Stay at Present and Enjoy
  9. Leave Anger and Ego
  10. Engage in Joy of Giving 
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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Science of Logo. #logo #science #branding #marketing #bschool

Science of Logo
 Dr Dindayal Swain, Professor,Author & Speaker

Brand is Logo! Logo is Ego! Ego is Revenue!

You have heard it right. A great logo is the starting point of a great journey for a business. Logo is not only a great source of brand identity and recall but also a face for the external and internal stakeholders.  A great logo can be used to build affinity among stakeholders towards the brand. In this article the author tried to present 7 secrets about the logo and their impact on the bottom line. 
1.  Attracting the Attention
In todays world capturing the attention of the consumers is the most difficult and challenging job for the marketers around the world. Among so much chaos and sound, grabing the attention of the consumer is very very tough. A well projected logo might be a great panacea for breaking the glass ceiling. As per some research , the consumers have a 2 seconds attention span to judge about a brand. So it is very important that our logo should capture the imagination of the cosnumer as soon as possible. 
2.  First Impression Lasts Long
Great companies are successful as they are able to grab the attention of the consumers in the first look. Logo is a great help in creating first impression in the mind and heart of the consumer. Though first impression might not be the last impression, still it talks about the DNA of the brand favourably to the consumers. 
3.  Who are You?
Successful brands always being able to communicate a compelling story about their existence to influence the emotions of the consumers. Logo provides the base for the brands story to reach across categories. Logo always helps to define what the brand is all about ? 
4.  TOMR (Top of the Mind Recall)
Logo due to its visual impact help the customers to recall the brands quickly. There is a saying in marketing: Any brand whose recall is fast , essentially has the chance of being purchased by the customer. Due to the tremendous bombardment of advertising messages from all sides, customers are finding it very difficult to remember and recall the brands. So a good logo creates a point of differentiation (POD) in the mind of your target segment. Though, as argued it (logo) is not the only element which makes a brand successful. But surely, it enhances the brand recall value for the consumer. 
5.  Point of Differentiation 
A well designed logo creates a strong POD(point of differentiation) among your competitors. For example Strabucks and British Petroleum Logo. These logos talks about sustainability and environmental friendly. In a crowed market, great logos make a huge difference.
6.  Logo is Ego & Ego is Revenue
Customers particularly in lifestyle brands category buy brands for their logo as their ego is associated with it. For example customers pay Rs.10,000/- for a pair of shoes of addidas in place of its competitors in most of the cases due to its power of logo along with other brand factors,as the logo talks about the ego and prestige of the customer in the society. A great logo as perceived by the customer in most cases increases the ZOT(Zone of Tolorence).
7.  Logo is Glue for Your Customers
Great logos essentially allow your customers to be glue to your brands. A great and meaningful logo will make your customers carry a favorable attitude towards your brand, there by increasing the brand loyality for your brand. 
Successful branding is all about telling stories and making it so interesting that it will reach the target audience at the speed of light. In this journey logo provides customer happiness, positive attitude which leads to brand loyalty in the long run. Logos are therefore is a point of differentiation for the marketers. 
Brand is Logo! Logo is Ego! Ego is Revenue! 

For more information regarding successful branding strategy for your organisation and science of logo please reach me at dindayalswain@gmail.comPlease share your valuable feedback and comments as well. Professor Swain is currently working as a Professor of Marketing, Dean- Research & International Relations at IMIS Bhubaneswar. 

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