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Cyclone Fani- A Life Changing Experience

Cyclone Fani- A Life Changing Experience

Blog Post by Dr.Dindayal Swain , Author of best seller Mantras of Manging Your Boss . Friday, 17 May 2019

It was morning 8 am at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I was sitting with my family expecting the landfall of cyclone “Fani”. As I have witnessed previous two super cyclones and have seen the devastation,I was praying to god for the safety and well being of all. In the mean time my son & daughter were asking a very simple yet relevant questions , like Dad, do you think Fani will come as per the prediction of the Met Department ? Honestly speaking I was also not very sure that it (fani) will come. The climate was calm but around 8.15am there was a change in the atomospere and wind speed. It was 8.30 am when suddenly electricity was cut as the windspeed gone beyong 70 kmph. Till 8.30am , we had the mobile network and got the news about the fami’s landfall at puri causing tremendous devastation . That moment we were apprehending about fani’s devastation at bhubaneswar. Around 10 am it started raining heavily and by 10.30 am the actual drama of the "extremely severe cyclone" Fani unfolded. By 11am at bhubaneswar the wind speed touched 100 + kmph and trees started facing tough time and trying to withstand natures fury . 

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Then suddenly things started looking normal for half an hour. But it was a devils dilema. Exactly at 11.50am the wind speed zoomed upto 120 kmph plus and later 150 kmph and finally 200 kmph. For 3 hours the devastation continued . we felt restless and helpless infront of the power of the nature. The loss whether be it material, emotional , financial , economical , psychological , ecological was immeasurable. 

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Bhubaneswar, Puri, Cuttack and adjacent areas are completely devastated.  

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The above mentioned cities in particular have lost their beauty for at least 5 years. Bhubaneswar, one of the best planned cities in the world looks devasted and the streets are looking like after war debris. The state govt is trying its best with the help of central govt  to restore the situation. Police, NDRF, Energy Dept along with other departments are busy in restoring essential services on war footing. 

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The basic objective of writing this piece is to help people to recover quickly from the natural disaster and bounce back to win in life. Before I will share my ideas let me salute the human resilience to face the challenges and offer my prayers to lord jagganath for saving human race from such unavoidable natural disasters. Human beings are born to struggle, survive , grow , fall down , bounce back and achieve success till they are alive. 
Five things every human being must do after such natural disaster.
1.   Stay Calm and Composed 
This is the most difficult thing to do after the cyclone. When someone losses everything in the cyclone and starts struggling for basic amenities like water to drink, food, shelter, protecting family etc. but you tell me when you have lost everything and starts to panic and mentally weak, will it solve your purpose? We have two option either we broke and lose an opportunity to rebuild life afresh or stay resilient and strong and try your best to bounce back from such devastating set backs. Thank God that atleast we are alive and still have an opportunity to rebuild our future. I feel extremely bad for the loss of human life,  trees, livestock and other resources , but feel there is a scope to bounce back and rebuild the city. Let me quote an example: if countries like Dubai and Singapore can build themselves to be the best in the world out of nothing and why cant we do it in Odisha. 
2.  Stay Positive and be Perseverant 
For the above rebuilding phase we need perseverance and positive attitude, that even now inspite of all these losses we can rebuild a city which will be one of the best in the world. The best example is Gujrat. 
Don’t discuss about problems and troubles which we are going through or facing rather say lets face it , lets seek help from fellow citizens and Govt and be thankful for whatever we are getting as help in these super difficult times. Lets not compalin even if we are not getting any help as we have to survive. Lets not aggravate the situation by saying negative words. Either to self or to other , because words can create you or break you. Watch your words carefully and use it judiciously.
3.  Prioritize things in Life
The first priority in these difficult times is to stay positive, stay calm , stay optimistic , stay positive on psychological front buy in physical front the first priority is to take care of health and mutual relations with fellow citizens. Consume less food, focus more on water, share your food with others. Focus on having atleast the basic essentials to survive and don’t do too much long future planning. Just focus on day to day basis and stay calm.
4.  Look into your Financials 
Try to look into your financials. If you are severly damaged financially then don’t panic. Please try to reach out to other fellow citizens for help. Don’t preaasume things, as if you will ask for help they will not help you. Preassumption and negative feeling will create further difficulty.
5.   Control your emotions otherwise emotion will
Finally , try hard to comeback to normalcy as the show must go on and it will go on. Don’t look back and cry for the losses, rather forget it and approach a new life with an open heart and mind which will bring new avenues of celebration. 
Natural calmities are God’s way to teach us few lessions from time to time and also to make us more resilient and tough to face challenges in life.
Lessions Taught by Cyclone Fani
ü Nothing is permanent. So stay detached from all material belongings. 
ü Do good in life as life is short.
ü Help others and feel joy in giving rather than receiving.
ü Courage and Perseverance are two important virtues we have to learn.
ü Do Prirotize things in life.
ü Have planning to face the future uncertainities.
ü Trust God and keep walking. 
ü Bounce back from the difficulties of life.
ü Accept that the Journey of life is very challenging and difficult.
ü Respect nature, as nature is powerful.
ü During difficult times help others & seek help as well.
ü Life is all about hope and positivity.
ü  Finally accept the saying “life will go on as it never stops”.
I am sure this small article will help us to become more strong and resilient to face difficulties of life and stay prepared to bounce back from difficulties. Let me congratulate all of you my brothers and sisters of odisha for staying tough during these testing time (Cyclone Fani)and helping each other with faith in God, that life will become normal very soon. I thank Central Govt, State Govt, Police , Energy Dept, NDRF, NGO’s and all the fellow countryman for helping odisha during difficult times. The kind of the severe devastation that is caused by cyclone Fani in odisha will be remembered for long. 
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About the Author
Dr.Dindayal Swain is a best selling author of Mantras of Managing Your Boss. As a Rotarian, he always follows the moto of service above self. You can access him at www.ddswain.comor send mail  

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