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Leadership Universel: Mantras of Managing Your Boss

Leadership Universel: Mantras of Managing Your Boss: MANTRAS OF MANAGING YOUR BOSS BY Dr. Dindayal Swain Motivational Speaker, Indian Author & Life Coach ...

Mantras of Managing Your Boss



Dr. Dindayal Swain

Motivational Speaker, Indian Author & Life Coach

Is there a need to manage my boss?
Life is tough, but obviously it can become a lot tougher if one spends his valuable time handling a bad boss.
Some Data to ponder:
  • ·      77% of subordinates witnessed stress from bad & bully bosses.
  • ·      66% subordinates succumb to heart ailments due to unsympathetic and insensitive bosses.
  • ·      Due to bad relationship with the bosses employees are 30% more prone to heart ailments.
  • ·      In another shocking research it is found that employees are ready to sacrifice their pay hike and promotion in front of an option of getting a good boss.

Whenever I meet any executive of a company in the training sessio ns, the first question they ask me is it necessary to manage the boss for career growth and better work life balance?
Across the sectors, geographic regions, cultures employees are certainly not happy at workplaces. They carry lot of fear and work pressure due to the following reasons :

  • ·      Superiors lack of feeling for employees
  • ·      Bully bosses
  • ·      Bad work cultures and ethical values
  • ·      Lack of employee recognition and motivation.
  • ·      Poor work life balance
  • ·      Bad alignment between workload and pay.
  • ·      Exploitation of employees in the name of recession, slow down, depression etc.
  • ·      Lack of clarity among top management.
  • ·      Lack of trust among employees
  • ·      Treating employees as a liability and not an asset.
  • ·      Poor or no leadership at the top.

During my two decades of research in this are , I have seldom heard employees praising their boss with words like excellent individual, hard taskmaster with a heart, outstanding people management skills, a change agent and a tremendous motivator etc. Rather I have witnessed words like idiot, stupid, nonsense, insensitive, inhuman, ruthless, no heart, bully, characterless and unethical etc. for bosses.
The result? Employees with low morale, lot of stress, unhappiness, disturbed family life, poor work life balance, don’t feel like staying inside the company during official hours, anxiety, blood pressure, lack of interest in job, lack of interest in life, unable to enjoy life, diabetics, negativity, heart problem and completely jeopardizing of personal life.
Here is a billion Dollar question; can the above situation be improved?
The good news yes, the bad news s the subordinate himself need to be changed before he expects his boss to change.  As the famous quote says before you expect other to change, you need to change yourself.
The success of changing yourself lies in this book titled Mantras of Managing Your Boss for a better working relationship.

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