Wednesday, 6 February 2019

10 Secrets of Digital Marketing

10 Secrets of Digital Marketing

Whether you agree or disagree Digital Marketing will be going to rule over traditional marketing. This article presents 10 secrets of digital marketing
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Digital Marketing Awareness Campaign
  • 1    Is it a must for Brands to have a digital marketing strategy?  Yes/No
  • 2.    Digital Marketing is required for which of the following reasons?

ü  Customer demand
ü  Industry requirement
ü  Survival
ü  Growth
ü  All of the above
ü  None of the above
  • 3.      Is it mandatory to have a SEO strategy in Digital Marketing? Yes/No
  • 4.      Does SEO is better than SEM? Yes/No
  • 5.      Balck Hat SEO is different than White Hat ? True / False
  • 6.      Google Adwords is now Google Ads! True/ False
  • 7.      PPC represents Profit Per Click! True/False
  • 8.      CTR represents Click Time Rate. True / False
  • 9.      Apps are better than Website! True/ False
  • 10.  HTML is easier than JAVA. True/False

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Sunday, 3 February 2019

3 Mantras Of Getting Success in Sales

A must prescribed video for every sales professional to achieve success in Sales career specifically in Organised Retail

Highlights of the Video

  1. Sales is 95% Conviction and 5% Communication
  2. Sales People need to Carry Enthusiasm while approaching customers.
  3. Great Sales people never push their products and services to the customers rather they act as a Consultant. 

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